FAQ & Tips

Tips on how to improve the performance of your new upgraded insulation

Because glass is a conductor of both hot and cold one of the ways it will transfer the outside temperature into your home is by the way of your windows. To help prevent this transference it is suggested that you dress your windows with draperies. Although draperies are not as popular as they once were they really do an excellent job of helping to keep your home more comfortable and energy efficient throughout the year. The heavier and more tightly woven the fabric is what will determine the effectiveness.

Keep in mind that each time you open an exterior door you allow the outside air to come into your home and the inside conditioned air out.

Insulation helps to keep the air that you have conditioned inside your home from escaping. Before you set the thermostats to your desired temperature, you must first bring the temperature of your home to your desired comfort level. Now the insulation will help you maintain that temperature.

Insulation is very affordable and is one home improvement that pays for itself. It then continues to pay you by saving you money every month on your utilities.

Cold Weather

Manually turn up your heat to say 75 or 80 for a short time maybe 10 to 20 minutes. Then turn it down to your normal setting. Now the insulation will help keep that warm air in. You must condition the air to your comfort before the insulation can do its job.

Close your fireplace damper down tight when not having a fire. A chimney is designed specifically for smoke to escape. Leaving it open 24 hours a day allows the warm air in your home to escape too. Keeping the damper open is like a 48″ window wide open during the winter and you would never do that so close it up when not in use.

Be sure all windows and doors are sealed, weather stripped and do not have leaks.

Warm Weather

As early as you can open up all the doors and windows that you can as well as turning on bathroom and kitchen fans to draw in the cool morning air. Shut it all down once it starts to get the slightest bit warn. Most days you can just run you fans to keep air moving and remain comfortable.

If you have an attic fan turn that on the night before and then again in the morning to push the hot air out of the attic. Having hot air in the attic day after day has a great impact on the temperature of your home in the summer because that hot air eventually permeates the sheetrock and into your living space.

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