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Both exterior and interior wall insulation provide a blanket-like barrier between the indoors and the outdoors preventing drafts and constant infiltration of undesired air flowing in and out of your home thus allowing you to stay more comfortable all year long.

Exterior Wall Insulation

Exterior wall insulation also provides a sound barrier from the outdoor noise as well as from unknown sources of drafts which cause your H&A units to run more often resulting in higher energy bills.

Interior wall insulation

Interior wall insulation helps reduce the sound travel between rooms. Insulation between floors is also available and minimizes voice, steps and pipe noises. Both Exterior and interior wall insulation can prevent condensation and reduce the risk of rot, mold and mildew especially for that “cold room or cold side ” of every house.

The process of insulating walls requires that a small hole is drilled above and below the cross bracing in each bay, the material is then injected under pressure to completely fill the cavity and not leaving any air space for the penetration of undesired air. The holes are then patched and primed and will be ready for paint in a few days.

Wall insulation is the next most critical part of your home to insulate after the attic. Many folks choose to do both attic and walls at the same time to save on the cost of installation.

Tip #1: Wall insulation saves you money

Nationwide, the vast majority of homes are under-insulated. Around Pleasant Hill and points locally in California, buildings even twenty or thirty years old are severely under-insulated. If your home is one of them — and it probably is — you could stop paying the power company and start saving it for yourself with new wall insulation.

Insulating your walls can reduce your power consumption by about 20%. This also reduces wear on your HVAC system since it’ll need to work less, work more efficiently, and require fewer repairs.

Tip #2: Wall insulation provides more comfort

As the wind blows against the outside of your home, some amount of it will seep in. Likewise, some amount of air will always be billowing out. The same is true for the sun’s heat, too. Properly installed wall insulation gives you more consistent temperatures throughout the house.

Tip #3: Wall insulation protects your home

Do the pipes rattle when you turn on the water or flush the toilet? Do you share a common wall? Do you have a surround sound system in your entertainment room and want the sound to stay in that room?

Interior wall insulation will make a significant difference, one you are certain to appreciate. We insulate interior walls in much the same way we do exterior walls.

Are you ready to save as much as 20% on your energy bill with new wall insulation?

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I can’t believe we waited so long to insulate our walls. Our daughter Denise came home for a visit and couldn’t believe how cool and comfortable the house was. She remembers how hot and unbearable the summer nights were, so hot you couldn’t sleep. Not only are we cooler we have noticed that the house is a lot more quiet, bonus!  Thank you all for your excellent service.                                                                                                    

Patricia E.

Insulation Services