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Your attic is a vital part of your home because it is the source of where you lose the most heat in the cold months due to the nature of heat rising and where you gain the most heat in the warm and hot months from the sun beating down onto the rooftop of your attic space.

For these reasons it is most important that your attic is properly insulated and at All Seasons Insulation Company we recommend that you choose blown Cellulose or Cotton batting for your attic insulation needs. Both materials are fire retardant, rodent resistant, non toxic and maintains its R-value. We also have fiberglass batting when needed.

One of the best things about attic insulation is that you will be able to see how much money you are saving on your energy bill very quickly by comparing your billing statement before and after the installation of your insulation.

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Tip #1

If you have ceiling fans that change the direction of air flow set the blades to direct down in the cold months and up in the warm months

Tip #2

Keep doors and vents for rooms not in use closed as much as possible and use a “door draft stopper” there are  many options are available on Amazon and an easy DIY option on Youtube.

Tip #3

One of the most important and challenging things you can do is to minimize the opening of the exterior doors which allows the conditioned air to escape and the unwanted air in.

Title 24 Requirements

Based on the new title 24 requirements, certain energy efficient measures must be met when re-roofing a home.

Upgrading existing attic insulation can be one of the least expensive ways to meet the new requirements as well as providing you with a valuable asset to your home and a new and improved comfort level.

Stop wasting a third of your energy bill! Get new attic insulation with All Seasons

Get started with a free, no-risk, and fast in-home estimate.

“Several weeks ago, your company installed new insulation in the attic of our home. We have been very pleased with the services that your company offered and with the abilities of your employees. All of them, Bob, The Crew and Chris, were very friendly and capable. We were particularly impressed with your willingness to guarantee your work and would not hesitate to recommend your firm to our friends and neighbors. We can already tell the difference in the comfort level of our home due to our new insulation. Thank you for your expert work.”

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