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Because heat rises, your attic is the most critical space in your home for insulation. And it has to be correctly installed, too. We recommend choosing either blown-in cellulose insulation (recycled newspaper) or cotton (blue jean batting). 

In either insulating tactic, we baffle around all vents and recessed lights. We also lay formaldehyde-free fiberglass batts in the attic at your request. Both the cellulose and the blue jean batts are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products. 

Tip #1: Attic insulation is a smart financial investment

Most home improvement projects don’t make much return on their investment until you sell your home. Other projects, like kitchen cabinets or interior house painting like our friends at Woodiwiss Painting offer, look nice and can have a solid quality-of-life improvement, but no measurable monetary value until resale. 

But you’ll see immediate savings on your heating and cooling costs. Enough that you can recover the cost of insulation in as little as a year or eighteen months.

Tip #2: The majority of homes in and around Pleasant Hill, Alamo, Danville, and Moraga are under-insulated

Even newly-built homes can lack enough home insulation to be at their peak energy efficiency. Developers often build new homes without enough insulation as a cost-saving measure. Remember, they’re not the ones paying the energy bills!

You have nothing to lose by getting a free home inspection to find out how much you can save.

Tip #3: Your home insulation could be damaged

Even if your home was built with the right amount of insulation and installed correctly, insulation can become damaged. Water damage is the most common scenario, usually from a leaky roof, window, or siding. Rodents are also another common problem. Rats, for instance, can take part of your home’s insulation to insulate theirs!

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“Several weeks ago, your company installed new insulation in the attic of our home. We have been very pleased with the services that your company offered and with the abilities of your employees. All of them, Bob, The Crew and Chris, were very friendly and capable. We were particularly impressed with your willingness to guarantee your work and would not hesitate to recommend your firm to our friends and neighbors. We can already tell the difference in the comfort level of our home due to our new insulation. Thank you for your expert work.”

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