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Home Energy & Insulation Evaluation Guide

Curious how weather-ready your home is? Use this DIY checklist to identify energy savings in your home. Doors and windows are the biggest sources of leaky airflow, but inadequate insulation is a slow but substantial energy consumer.

Our crews know what to look for, how much to look for, and can do so safely. 

But you can also check using this list. In it, you’ll get a helpful guide to:

  • Airflow, seals, molds, frames, and where to look for cracks
  • Insulation and how to identify what you have, where you have it, and optimal depths
  • Equipment, such as HVAC units, filters, where to identify potential leaks, and ducts.

See what it looks like before and after our crews are finished.

attic insulation before 2attic insulation after 2

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